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As a K-8 school, Chandler has a distinct entity with a different tone and culture than a K-6 or a K-12 school. Chandler School's K-8 configuration is rich in value and strength.

Chandler School
Chandler Prepares
Students enrolling in kindergarten experience a continuing commitment for nine years. Graduates are equipped with a strong academic foundation for high school and develop a life-long bond with Chandler.
Chandler faculty are experts in meeting the academic, athletic, artistic and social needs of the K-8 grade learner. One third of our faculty hold advanced degrees. The average tenure of a Chandler faculty member is nine years.
Chandler provides age appropriate boundaries for the K-8 learner. In Middle School we do not imitate high school, we prepare for high school.
Chandler students fulfill their academic potential in a challenging, focused nine, three or two-year high school preparatory program.
Chandler allows time for students to discover themselves as learners, artists and athletes before they make informed decisions about high school.
Chandler graduates are sought after by secondary schools because of the strength of their preparation.
Chandler’s secondary school counseling process ensures that students are placed in high schools that best fit them.
Chandler Leads
Chandler’s eighth-grade students are community leaders. Younger children view them as role models; their teachers hold high expectations for them, and they respond accordingly. The very real responsibilities vested in our “seniors” give them a taste of real leadership and develop the self-confidence that will serve them well in high school.
Leadership skills are built at every grade level through participation in athletics, the arts, student government and public speaking.
Chandler Unites
Chandler is a child’s territory. Our campus is cohesive, secure and designed for the exclusive use of the K-5 grade and 6-8 grade learner. Two libraries and four science labs have been customized to serve our community. Exterior and interior spaces have been designed for students to gather together. Desking in classrooms can be reconfigured quickly for different teaching and learning purposes.
Chandler faculty have a continuity of knowledge of each student. PE, art and music teachers work with the entire student body. All students are well known by faculty in all grades. Faculty share knowledge about students.
Families enroll siblings ensuring a continuity of community from K-8.
There are no high school distractions—no public displays of affection, no student drivers.
Chandler Instills Value
The Chandler Code has been at the core of the school’s philosophy since the beginning, augmented by the Six Pillars of Character. Consistent reinforcement throughout the school community creates an atmosphere of mutual respect, fair play and self-discipline. Our graduates emerge from Chandler better able to make the difficult choices that determine the course of their lives in high school and beyond.