2020-2021 School Plan

Chandler’s mission continues to guide the school during these challenging times. When the campus closed in March, administrators and teachers designed and implemented a distance learning program, keeping academics as a focus but with an emphasis on students’ social-emotional well-being and consideration of families’ home situations.

Starting a new school year, Chandler’s administrative team and faculty have been working on an improved distance learning program and an in-person program that allows for flexibility during this uncertain time. As always, readiness and transparency is of the utmost importance and we want to encourage parents to contact our team with any questions you may have about the new school year and our re-opening when that time comes.

Chandler is here not only to create a plan for a safe return of our community, but to provide any additional support you may need during this time. 
Chandler is recognized by the strength of its community. The commitment to our students, our relationships with one another and the partnership between families and the school will help see us through this pandemic. -Head of School John Finch

Information for the New School Year

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  • School Hours & Contact

    A staggered schedule has been implemented to help control the flow of student traffic when entering and exiting the campus. This new schedule will be followed during in-person instruction:

    K-2 - 8:00 - 2:00 p.m.
    3-5 - 8:15 - 3:00 p.m.*
    6-8 - 8:30 - 3:30 p.m.

    *Distance learning schedule for grades 3-5 will be 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

    Our Lower and Middle offices remain open and phones continue to be answered daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please call (626) 795-9314 for general questions.

    For General Questions, please email Head of School John Finch
    For Community & Parent Involvement, please email Director of Advancement Joan Bravo 
    For COVID-related concerns, please email Director of Annual Giving Maureen Short 
    For Lower School Educational Programming, please email Director of Lower School Emily Brown 
    For Middle School Educational Programming, please email Director of Middle School Jill Bergeron
  • School Calendar

    To provide up-to-date event information and easy access to links for virtual events, the school will be utilizing the web calendar located from our website. Please log in at myChandler and view frequently updated information. Links to Zoom meetings and webinars will also be available on the online calendar under Virtual Events in the School Calendar.
  • Distance Learning Enhancements


    We recognize that beginning our school year with distance learning requires a more robust model than we were able to offer this past spring. With that in mind, we have made several changes to improve our plans for distance learning at the Lower School this fall.

    We will continue to focus on providing our students:

    • Smaller class sizes with cohort configuration
    • More opportunities for small group interactions with teachers
    • Strong connections to their peers and teachers by leveraging the Zoom platform
    • Live and interactive instruction that follows the predictable rhythms of the regular school day
    • Schedules that allow access to specialist classes, including daily physical education, digital citizenship and social-emotional learning classes

    This fall we will build off the successes that we had with the distance learning program last year and make changes to improve upon our areas of growth. Chandler’s greatest asset is its teachers and the relationships they have with our students. When school starts, we plan to:
    • Accommodate smaller cohorts of students that remain together throughout the day
    • Add longer blocks for art and music
    • Provide a later start time
    • Keep to a static schedule instead of a rotating schedule to reduce confusion about class times
  • Tips for Distance Learning

    While keeping true to our mission of providing an academically challenging curriculum during distance-learning, we understand the impact it may have on family life at home. The guidelines below are intended to help families think about how they might help their children with distance learning and maintain a sense of well-being for the whole family. 
    1. Establish routines and expectations
    2. Define the physical space for your child’s study time
    3. Monitor communication from your children’s teachers
    4. Begin and end each day with a check-in with your child
    5. Encourage physical activity and exercise
    6. Remain mindful of your child’s stress or concerns
    7. Monitor how much time your child is spending online
  • Getting Ready for Back-to-School

    Teachers have put together grade level supply lists for a parents. Please note that while there are some specific brand suggestions linked to items on the lists, you are welcome and encouraged to use any items you already have at home or purchase the brands you prefer for your children.

    Click on the links below to view each list:
  • The Four Standards of Health

    Guiding our decisions are the lessons offered by hospitals that have avoided becoming spreaders by adhering to the four standards of health and safety to curb the coronavirus - screening, hygiene, physical distance, and mask-wearing. 

    Screening - Daily self-screening for anyone coming on to campus will be instrumental in contact tracing and mandating quarantine or isolation for the safety and health of all our community. 

    Hygiene - We know the importance of washing our hands, but frequency makes a difference. Research has found that washing hands or sanitizing frequently can reduce infections by more than 45%.

    Physical Distance - Because COVID-19 is spread by aerosol transmission, physical distancing is vital and the six-foot rule is key. Our plan is to space everyone apart in the classrooms and in work areas. 

    Mask-Wearing - Masks combined with distancing are important to at least partially block the spread of respiratory droplets from a person with an active but unrecognized infection.

  • Return-To-School Waiver Documentation


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