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  • Head of School's Message: February 4

    The creativity and variety of Chandler’s PE and Athletics program were on display last week. First-grade students were learning the basics of the golf swing using light plastic clubs with short shafts and big heads. 
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  • Head of School's Message: January 28

    A friend of mine who lives in Pennsylvania knows a mom whose son, Jamie, was trying for a part in his school play. He had his heart set on being in it, although his mom feared he would not be chosen. 
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  • Head of School's Message: January 22

    In the bedlam of the New Orleans Superdome on Sunday afternoon, LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff struggled to hear the plays from Coach Sean McVay as they were radioed in from the sidelines. 
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  • Head of School's Message: January 14

    Student safety is the highest priority of everyone who works at Chandler. Five years ago this month Chandler contracted with Chameleon Associates, a school security consultant, to prepare a report on threats, risks and vulnerabilities that might impact the school.
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  • Head of School's Message: October 1

    A Chandler teaching assistant burst into the Lower School office last Tuesday at the end of the school day and began feverishly rifling through a copy of the parent-student handbook. “Do we have a policy against bringing toys to school?” she asked through gritted teeth
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  • Head of School's Message: September 4

    “Nervcited” was how one fourth grade parent described her daughter on the first morning of the school year. By Friday afternoon, following two full days of transition, much of the initial anxiety and euphoria had worn off and weary Chandler students were ready for Labor Day weekend. There were no tears in kindergarten, not a drop – no students or parents broke down in the courtyard. 
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  • Head of School's Message: August 27

    Before my son left the house last week on the first day of his senior year at Saint Francis High School, I asked him to stand in the spot in the driveway where he stood on the first day of kindergarten thirteen years ago. 
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  • Head of School's Message: June 4

    “Don’t track your kid like a FedEx package,” read the headline of an article in last Friday’s L.A. Times in which columnist Patt Morrison interviewed Lenore Skenazy, the founder of the Free Range Kids movement.
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  • Head of School's Message: May 14

    On Thursday evening, parents of Chandler’s seventh grade class met in the Ahmanson for ‘High School Information Night’. Led by Middle School Director Jill Bergeron, who is coming to the end of her first year in charge of the placement process, parents received an overview of what to expect next year.
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  • Head of School's Message: May 21

    On Friday morning, as the kindergarten students crossed the courtyard on their return to class after visiting the second grade butterfly garden, they started skipping, jumping, and cheering. What was going on? Were they spontaneously overwhelmed by the joy of learning? 
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  • Head of School's Message: November 28

    Grandparents and special friends crossed continents, states, counties and Armada Drive to join their grandchildren and young friends at Chandler on the day before Thanksgiving. A record-breaking number of attendees experienced record-breaking November temperatures last Tuesday. 
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  • Head of School's Message: October 10

    John Finch
    Chandler students deserve excellent teachers and excellent administrators. Recruiting and retaining faculty and staff of the highest caliber has always been one of Chandler’s priorities. 
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