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Third Grade Essays

Why I Love Chandler School

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  • Aidan

    The Best School Ever. What Is It?

    When I went to school I can hear the kids screaming and I can see the kids hugging their homework, ready for school. I have the best teacher ever, and we're doing cursive writing and book reports. I can't wait for book reports. They are so marvelous. 

    I love recess. It is the time when people can get their wiggles out. We play games like football, soccer, basketball. If you are a sport guy you play soccer, football and a lot more stuff. If you are not a sport guy you play on the playground. The playground is huge and the field is bigger than a football field.

    Recess is the best and you can hear yelling and having fun. The playground is a tall structure and there are ropes everywhere. We can go to the top if you can climb. At recess you can meet new friends and play whatever you want even if it is raining. 

    When I come in the art room my eyes get color blind here. It is so pretty. I can see the paintbrush dancing across the paper and it is a miracle. At art you can paint anything you want and during lunch you can go to art club. Students are allowed to paint and do putty and a lot more. The teacher for art is Mr. Chatham. He can do anything! He can paint incredible stuff. This is the best school ever.

  • Alex


    Chandler is one of the top schools in Pasadena. One of the reasons is that you feel safe with so many brilliant adults and a safe environment.

    When you walk in you're greeted by friendly voices. Children are playing on the orb, field and sport court. The bell rings, you rush to your class, you go into your warm class and settle down to morning meeting. 

    Everyone heads back to their table, everybody is excited to learn something new. Everyone is listening to every word until it's time for recess! 

    You're playing with your friends. Everyone is laughing, screaming and playing on the grass field. 

    Everyone heads into the library panting. Mrs. May puts everyone in their rows. She reads you a book but in your mind it's a movie. You can see all the characters. After, you check out an amazing book just in time for lunch. 

    You're served a mouthwatering meal. After, everyone heads down to play some more. After, it's time for P.E. Mr. Johnson teaches awesome sports. Children are sweating and laughing. Then your teacher says "Clean up." 

    Everybody is going back to class and you have social studies. The class reads a few pages from your textbook. 

    When you're dismissed, almost everyone heads down to Afterschool. Afterschool has many programs like team sports, chess and more. Today you have chess. You play an incredible game with your friend until your friend wins. 

    Your teacher checks the match and says, "That is checkmate. Shake hands." 

    You get out of chess and play some football until your name is called and you get picked up.

    Your mom asks, "How was your day?"

    You say, "It was an awesome day."

  • Ally


    You walk through a gate. You think it's a cottage. But it's not, it's a school. Then you walk down the stairs and see kids playing and running around the field. You could smell the sweet moist grass being run on by the kids' feet. They looked so happy playing with their friends. Some were playing tag, some were playing basketball, and some were even playing soccer. 

    A few minutes later everybody started picking up their backpacks and pulling them over their shoulders. When they got to their classroom they pulled out thier folders and put them in a plastic basket. As I walked in the classroom I could smell the freshly painted walls, the wooden scent of the pencil shavings, and the dry erase markers. 

    The teachers at Chandler are very caring and encourage you to work hard and try your best. If you don't understand a difficult math problem or can't read a sentence the teachers at Chandler can help you figure it out. 

    My favorite pull out class is art. As I walk through the art room my eyes start to water when I see all of the vibrant colors and all of the self portraits made by kindergarten through fifth grade. As I start to sit down I could feel the cold metal stool touch my legs. Mr. Chatham, the art teacher, told us to sit down and put our aprons on. Soon enough Mr. Chatham started carrying out dazzling colors of paint trays. When he gave us permission to paint, my paintbrush glided along the smooth white paper like santa's sled.

    I hope you like Chandler as much as I do!
  • Audrey

    Chandler School

    Chapter 1: Chandler

    "I'm so excited for our project," a kid yelled. "I love Chandler."

    Chandler is a fantastic school. It has awesome teachers and activities that I have fun with. The classrooms are filled with students' work. In the morning, children pile into class excited for the day to start. You would also see kids eagerly peeking at the schedule to get a preview of the day. Chandler is an elementary and middle school. I love my time at Chandler. 

    Chapter 2: Math at Chandler

    One of my favorite subjects is math. When Mrs. M tells us it's time for math, the numbers, math symbols, equations, and so much more run across my brain like a marathon is happening.

    I feel the different manipulatives between my smooth fingers. I see many equations on the white piece of paper. I hear and agree with answers being said. When Mrs. M wants an answer from a student, I shoot my hand up in the air like a rocket. If she picks me, the numbers waiting to come out like shooting stars. Math completes my day. 

    Chapter 3: Art at Chandler (with Mr. Chatham and Mrs. Z)

    I also love art. When I walk in the room, vibrant colors paint the room itself. As I paint, my paintbrush dances across the paper making mystical colors appear like magic.

    Infra red, sunset orange, gold, emerald, ocean blue, indigo, and all the other colors you could imagine paint every object I see. The colors keep coming and never stop. 

    Mr. Chatham and Mrs. Zemel make Chandler have glorious colors of its own. Hopefully you like Chandler if you tried it out. It would be awesome. 

    The End
  • Baker

    Chandler School

    Chandler has so many things other schools don't have. We have specialists, sports specialists are playing sports with us and we do tremendous sports! We play so many different sports like football and tennis. Our reading specialist is really helping me in reading and she might help you!

    In our class we do all kinds of subjects. We do math and reading. Sometimes we do incredible subjects like social studies. We learn a lot in class. 

    We have a lot of pull outs! Here is one: we have art. When I walk into the art room I get blinded with color. We do some fun projects and we do hands on material projects. We do texture paintings and we mix colors. 

    In music we sing magnificent songs like Hallelujah. We also sing for the holiday sing for our parents. In science we are doing terrariums and observing them. In library we listen to books and get books.
  • Catalina


    On the corner of caring, committed and challenging sits Chandler one of the most memorable schools in Pasadena, California! When you walk through the gates of Chandler on your first day of school you see kids laughing with joy! They were laughing so hard they sounded like monkeys.

    When the bell rings all the kids are rushing to class and holding onto their homework folders tightly. They are waiting for the excitement of the day to start! A lot of the kids like the specialists. My favorite specialists are art and library. 

    When you walk into the art room all the vibrant colors blind your eyes. You see portraits that have been made by K-5. Most of the portraits are self portraits. When you paint your paintbrush dances across your paper. Sometimes we do art projects and you make sculptures. Each year there is a main theme to your art. Right now our main theme is texture. 

    Chandler art is amazing, but the Chandler library is just as good! When you walk into the library you see a tremendous amount of books on the bookshelves. After you walk in Mrs. May calls your name and then sits us down. If it's Christmas there will be tons of glowing white lights that are hung next to the librarian's desk.

    There is an area where there are tables and chairs. On Thursday that's when the tables get a lot of use becasue Thursday is board game day. You can also draw on board game day. In library, you have the minimum of getting two books, but not at the same time. 

    My two favorite parts of library are when you check out books and when somebody's parents come to read. When they read aloud I paint a picture of the story in my head. I think library is magnificent in so many different ways. 

    I hope you like library and art as much as I do!
  • Cole

    Chandler School

    Slowly but surely I was walking towards the front gate on Armada. I was really nervous. It was my first day of school. Everyone was clutching some work they had. Others were saying "I hope I make it on time."

    Chandler is a splendid school because it has everything a college would have. The classrooms were filled with students working and the science lab with animals and field with kids laughing out loud.

    Chandler has teachers that help kids that struggle. Chandler helps kids from K to 8th grade. I would recommend Chandler if you were looking for a school. 

    One of my favorite activities at Chandler is lunch. The smell of hot lunch makes my mouth water. Hot lunch is where you pay and they will make you a lunch like pizza, lasagna, pasta, spaghetti, waffles, chicken, chicken tenders, gravy and mashed potatoes. You don't have to have hot lunch, though. You can also bring a lunch and eat your own stuff. 

    Thank you for reading this short essay. 
  • Ethan


    Have you ever been to Chandler? No? Well let me tell you about it. They have awesome specialists like art, P.E., music, science, Spanish and computers.

    They have really good programming classes like Tech Team and they also have the Hour of Code. They do amazing projects like book reports, social studies habitats and many other different projects.

    Math is really fun. They always have challenges for you if you are done early. They do fun clubs like Tech Team, Art Club and more. I wonder if you might come to Chandler one day. 

    P.E. is one of the best specialists at Chandler. They have many different activities like circus, basketball, skateboarding, and many other different things you can do. P.E. gets better with each grade. It is very hard to find activities they do here at Chandler School for P.E. in other schools. Some activities may be better than others. Sometimes they will play music for you while you are doing your activities. You can hear excited students stampeding to P.E. every day. 

    I told you a lot about Chandler but there are so many other things you have to see for yourself that will amaze you. Chandler is an awesome, succeeding school.
  • Olivia


    The brick school looked nice and pretty, but noisy in a good way. The school you are seeing is called Chandler. Why I love Chandler.

    Chandler is such a first-class school. When you get there, you hear kids huffing and puffing trying to get in the back gate! 

    Now you get in your classroom. There are razor sharp pencils, color pencils, peacock blue, grape purple, lemon yellow, any color you can imagine. Colored paper in nice colored bins.

    Your friendly teacher explains fun math games. Let me explain one.

    Multiplication Squares.

    One of my favorite math games is Multiplication Squares. Here's how you play... well first... you'll need...

    2 die
    1 multiplication sheet
    1 friend
    2 markers

    You probably want to know how to play, right? So you will realize that there are dots on the multiplication sheet. If you connect them, they form a square. You roll the die. For example, you get 2x3, 2x3=6, so you find the 6 on the multiplication sheet, and mark it with your marker. If you keep marking it, it will form a square! Splendid, right? 

    I also want to tell you about coding. Coding is incredible. Coding is when you move an animal by putting blocks together, for example, I have to move and code an angry bird to kill a pig. Coding to me is relaxing and fun and if you try it, I vow you will like it!

  • Parker


    You walk into Chandler and you look around. You hear the birds chirping with joy on the trees. You feel great because it's a spectacular school. You see kids from different countries coming in through the gate. You look at the field and hear the kids shouting from left to right. You see them playing games with their friends and much more.

    You smell the aroma of the great food that the hot lunch ladies are making. Once you get the delicious looking grilled cheese sandwich with some tomato soup, then you go sit down at a table with your friends and eat your food. The grilled cheese tasted wonderful. The tomato soup tasted amazing too. Then the teachers dismiss you to recess. 

    It's nearly the end of the day. You run out to P.E. You feel the cold breeze rubbing against your face. When you get there you see the circus equipment is on the floor. You start with the diablos and start spinning it. The wind blows and knocks it off. You sigh and move on. Next you try the stilts. At first you fall off and get back up. Then you finally get the hang of it.

  • Sabreen

    In the mornings on Fridays, I see kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders racing their buddies to assembly. Chandler is my most favorite school I have ever been to.

    We have many magnificent teachers that teach us very well. I like hanging out with my friends and I think they like hanging out with me. We also have hot lunch. We have foods like Stonefire Grill, Panda Express, waffles and chicken, and In n Out. Every day we have recess, but I don't know how many minutes. 

    At Chandler, we have specialists that are very smart and brilliant. We do art with Mr. Chatham, music with Mrs. Williams-Moore, science with Ms. Ho, library with Mrs. May, computers with Mrs. Edwards, and Spanish with Mrs. Villanueva. I think they're incredible and unique in every way. 

    I like art because when I walk in I look at all the paintings and I see dazzling pictures that other grades have done. My eyes pop open and my heart is filled with beauty. 

    I love music because it makes me feel calm, and I think Mrs. Williams-Moore is a phenomenal teacher and singer. 

    I like science because we do stunning experiments, and we problem solve questions. We sometimes look at plants and rocks, and talk about what we learned for the day. 

    I like library because we read spectacular books and we listen to books that Mrs. May reads to us. I listen to the books very closely because I want to know what is happening. 

    Computers are my favorite subject because they feel like my first computer class. I especially like Hour of Code. In Hour of Code, we control characters with blocks that make them move.

    Spanish is fun because we do dazzling songs. We use our minds to draw and write. That's why I think Chandler is a magnificent school.
  • Sarah


    There are so many things I want to share with you about Chandler. When I walked in I heard birds chirping and I saw kids playing. I smelled the fresh air and felt the smooth walls. Kids were hugging their homework folders and wanting to go in. Also there were kids playing on the field. 

    It also is a great school with phenomenal teachers that do brilliant activities with us. We also have a spectacular afterschool. I always will recommend you come to Chandler. 

    Then you hear the bell ring, your teacher says it's time for art class. Art class is one of my favorite subjects because it's my best subject. Mr. Chatham the art teacher always inspires us to what we are about to do. This year we are focusing on texutre. 

    Afterschool has many memorable teachers that teach us marvelous classes like Mr. Donny, Ms. Jasmine, and Ms. Diana. I am in Ms. Diana's sharpie art class and we made Christmas snow globes with red and green glitter in cold shining water.
  • Taylor


    Chandler is a 5 star school. The day I walked in it looked incredible and I knew it was going to be perfect for me. Here is why. Chandler has all your favorite activities art, music, Spanish, science and everybody's favorite recess. You have P.E. every day. There are so many different sports to play. Badminton, tennis, throw and catch, and gynmastics. I'm so glad I am here. 

    I can smell lunch 20 feet away. When it's lunch I feel the heat from the grill. I can taste it from the line. My stomach growls. Sometimes I want to go sit down and come back, the line's so long. Once it was past Shamrock Shoppe. Hot lunch is the greatest time of the day. 

    Music is my 5 star part of school. I can hear music coming my way. Guess what, when you sing you can barely swallow. The words are popping out without you thinking when you really know it. Every year there's a holiday performance and that's where we sing for our parents. Sometimes you feel anxious because you're singing in front of almost 1 thousand parents. Music is the best time in school and I love it! 

  • Violet

    Chandler School

    Towering over the Rose Bowl is one of the best schools Chandler! It has great things like amazing academics and specialists that light up your day. You get to play with incredible friends. While you're working you can hear little kids playing and screaming with joy as they run around the field. They have some of the best coaches and teachers. When it rains you can hear the rain thumping on the roof. At the end of the day you pack up and go to Afterschool.

    Some great classes at Chandler are Spanish and art. In Spanish we learn Spanish through fun games and even dancing. Art class is also great because we get to paint and even use clay to make fun creations like pinch pots and more.

    You should definitely try these classes! I always recommend Chandler for you and your friends.