COVID-19 School Plan

Chandler’s mission continues to guide the school during these challenging times. Our teachers, staff and leaders are committed to a safe, sustainable return to school. We are proud of our students who have risen to the challenge of the pandemic and demonstrated resilience. The doctors in Chandler’s Medical Advisory Group have followed the science and guided us wisely. And above all, our parents have kept children home when they have symptoms. This community and partnership are why we have confidence in the ability to take good care of students this year. 

Guided by local public health, Chandler’s administrative team has worked on an in-person first program that allows for flexibility during this uncertain time. Chandler is here not only to create a plan for a safe return of our community, but to provide any additional support you may need during this time. As always, readiness and transparency are of the utmost importance and we want to encourage parents to contact our team with any questions you may have about the COVID-19 health and safety protocols on campus. 

Information for the New School Year

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  • At-Home Learning Accommodations

    At-home learning accommodations are available for students during a required quarantine, including students with symptoms, a positive case, possible exposure to a positive case and travel.

    At-home learning accommodations are available to families when they notify us of their travel plans that would require them to quarantine up to 10 days after traveling. Families who do not follow Chandler's quarantine policies and come to campus will be asked to go home immediately. If you have questions about your student's eligibility to return to campus due to travel, please contact us.

    If your student needs to quarantine due to COVID-like symptoms entered on SchoolPass, and they feel well enough, they may request the at-home learning option. We will also be in contact with you to discuss the process for returning to campus safely. 

    If at any point, local public health departments issue a stay-at-home order, plans for distance learning will be communicated to all families.
  • The Four Standards of Health

    Guiding our decisions are the lessons offered by health care professionals that have avoided becoming spreaders by adhering to the four standards of health and safety to curb the coronavirus - screening, hygiene, distance, and mask-wearing. 

    Screening - Daily self-screening for anyone coming on to campus will be instrumental in contact tracing and mandating quarantine or isolation for the safety and health of all our community. 

    Hygiene - We know the importance of washing our hands, but frequency makes a difference. Research has found that washing hands or sanitizing frequently can reduce infections by more than 45%.

    Physical Distance - Because COVID-19 is spread by aerosol transmission, physical distancing is vital. Our plan is to space everyone apart in the classrooms, in work areas and when eating and playing outdoors. 

    Mask-Wearing - Masks combined with distancing are important to at least partially block the spread of respiratory droplets from a person with an active but unrecognized infection.
  • COVID-19 Campus Safety Plan

    • School Hours & Contact

      Our Lower and Middle School offices are open and phones are answered daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please call (626) 795-9314 for general questions.
    Chandler is recognized by the strength of its community. The commitment to our students, our relationships with one another and the partnership between families and the school will help see us through this pandemic.
    -Head of School John Finch