Ben Samuels ‘05

Ben Samuels ’05, traces his love of Gilbert and Sullivan right back to theater classes at Chandler School.
“I still remember the script to The Pirates of Penzance,” he chuckles. “We’d mouth all of our classmates’ lines when we were waiting backstage.”

On top of his acting performances, Ben received a top-notch education from teachers he describes as some of the best of his life. “Mr. Korn engaged us with so many science experiments. I still love history because of Mr. Morrison.”

For Ben, academic life after Chandler included Polytechnic for high school, and Harvard University for his undergraduate degree. Today Ben is reading more case studies than scripts, as a student at Harvard Business School.

“I look on my Chandler years very fondly. Chandler taught me things that really matter; both academics and interpersonal skills.”

Ben gives back to Chandler School to show his gratitude. “I want to make sure Chandler is accessible for as many people as possible,” Ben explains. “It was a tremendous opportunity for me to attend Chandler, and I want to share that.”