2020 Distinguished Alumni - James Demetriades '77

Jim Demetriades is a lifelong inventor, entrepreneur and investor. At the age of 26 and with only $5,000, he founded SeeBeyond which grew to 1,600 employees with offices in 35 countries and a client list that included GM, Porsche, BMW, Pepsi, NY Columbia Presbyterian, JP Morgan Chase, Unilever, Air Liquide, the British NHS, Aetna, the Cleveland Clinic, and about 10,000 others.
Mr. Demetriades took SeeBeyond—which became the world's largest organically grown integration software company and whose products were ranked #1 globally by the Gartner Group—public in 2000 and in 2005 successfully sold it to Sun Microsystems, a subsidiary of Oracle, for $386 million. Mr. Demetriades went on to found and continues to manage Kairos Ventures, his own venture capital investment company, Multiversal, a real estate development and management company, and created Inspero.net, his own unique children’s internet education media company.

Mr. Demetriades also serves on the boards of numerous technology companies in a variety of industries. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, with a second major in Computer Science, and minors in Marketing and Mathematics, all from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.