Chandler Debate Makes History

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Chandler School Debate Team participated in this year's Regional Debate Championship, where the team of Katie S.Chase W., and Noah F. came in first overall, marking the first time in Chandler history of debate that they have won at this level! 
Noah also made history by winning the gavel and being named the number one speaker overall for the tournament. This is a feat that had yet to be accomplished by a Chandler School debater.
Below are the other rankings from the event:  
Team Awards (out of 86)
1st - Katie S., Chase W., and Noah F.
12th - Andy F., Cameron R., and Nathan W.
Speaker Awards
1st - Noah F.
11th - Brandon C.
13th - Andy F.
17th - Nathan W.
21st - Cameron R.
26th - Foster L.
Congratulations to History Teachers Mr. Andy Hulm and Mr. Joseph Spencer and all the members of the debate team. "Andy and Joe teach history, and now they make it as well," said Head of School John Finch. "Chandler bathes in their reflected glory. Great start to the week! Congratulations again to our debaters on an excellent season!"