Artist Daniel Cervantes Visits Chandler Students

Artist Daniel Cervantes sat down with Visual Art Chair Julie Zemel to share his art and life in a pre-recorded video interview that will be shared with our middle school students during their activity period on Wednesday, November 30.
Ms. Zemel was first introduced to Daniel Cervantes by walking past a beautiful and original public street mural in her own neighborhood commissioned many years ago by a local store owner. The mural was created by a combination of spray paint and traditional brushwork while offering a unique interpretation of the Virgin of Guadalupe. 

Daniel’s murals have been a part of the rich street art and public art scene in North East Los Angeles for more than 20 years. He has created murals celebrating Latino and indigenous history for many public schools. Famously, he was the artist who designed and painted the impressive original South West Museum Mural at the foot of Mount Washington (pictured above). This mural has recently been restored to its original glory. 

His murals featuring events in the life of Cesar Chavez were included in a documentary made by Cesar Chavez’s grandson Eduardo Chavez titled Hailing Cesar. Other ways to see his work are through his Instagram page and in skate parks, city streets, and playgrounds around Los Angeles. He also participates along with fellow artists in art shows with his paintings and drawings on canvas. We hope our middle school students are inspired by Daniel and his work and they will then be invited to share their own ideas and sketches through an art activity designing a mural for Chandler School.