Exciting Visit from Quantum Physicist Piero Chiappina!

On April 8, Chandler School had the pleasure of hosting Piero Chiappina, a brilliant Ph.D. student from Caltech diving into the depths of quantum physics!
Piero wowed us with insights into superconductors and the mind-bending world they unveil.

Piero's Lab: Chilling to 0.01 Degrees Kelvin
One of the coolest (literally!) aspects of Piero's research is the use of a "dilution fridge," a cutting-edge tool that takes materials to insanely low temperatures. Imagine 0.01 degrees Kelvin (400 times colder than deep space)! At these frigid levels, matter behaves in ways that defy our everyday understanding.

Spin, Superconductors, and Liquid Nitrogen! 
During the visit, Piero gave students a hands-on demonstration of superconductivity by dunking a ceramic puck into liquid nitrogen. The result? A puck that could spin endlessly and levitate without any friction, thanks to its superconducting state interacting with magnetic fields!

Perpetual Electricity and Magnetic Field Resistance
Superconductors, as Piero explained, aren't just fascinating for their spinning tricks. They hold the key to synchronized electron flow, creating perpetual electricity and incredible resistance to changes in magnetic fields. This perpetual flow of electrons allows these superconductors to act like batteries - imagine the possibilities for future technologies!

Thank you, Piero Chiappina, for an eye-opening exploration into the wonders of quantum physics and superconductors. Your work is paving the way for transformative advancements that could shape our future society!