Celebrating Debate Success at the National Championship

In the realm of debate excellence, Chandler School proudly stands at the forefront, thanks to the exceptional coaching of Andy Hulm and Heather Castle.
This accolade is not just a self-proclaimed title but a testament to the remarkable performance of Chandler's debate teams at the recent Middle School Public Debate Program National Debate Championship held at Mt. San Antonio College. Amidst a competitive field comprising 89 top-tier teams and 265 skilled speakers, Chandler's three debate teams showcased unparalleled prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the championship's landscape.
Team Achievements
The trio of Victoria D.Kaya M., and Alyssa X. epitomized excellence, securing a commendable 15th position out of 89 teams. Their stellar performance, winning four out of five rounds, positioned them just one victory shy of the Grand Final—an achievement that reflects their strategic acumen and dedication to the art of debate.
Not to be outdone, the team of Alister C.Anais E., and Larry L. exhibited remarkable skill, triumphing in three out of five rounds and clinching the 24th spot. Similarly, the trio of Joshua C., Caroline M., and Lucy T. displayed commendable tenacity, winning three rounds and contributing significantly to Chandler's overall success.
Individual Brilliance
Larry L.'s individual performance merits special recognition. He secured the 10th position out of 265 speakers, an exceptional feat that underscores his eloquence and persuasive prowess in the competitive arena of debate.
A Gratitude Note
While the spotlight shines brightly on our debaters, it's essential to acknowledge the collective effort that fuels such remarkable achievements. Chandler School extends heartfelt gratitude to the parents and alumni whose unwavering support and guidance played a pivotal role in preparing the teams for this prestigious event and numerous other tournaments throughout the season.
We eagerly anticipate the challenges and opportunities that await in the upcoming year. The legacy of excellence established by Mr. Hulm and Mrs. Castle, coupled with the determination and talent of Chandler's debaters, sets a high standard for future endeavors—a standard that inspires continuous growth, learning, and success.