Head of School's Message: May 14

On Thursday evening, parents of Chandler’s seventh grade class met in the Ahmanson for ‘High School Information Night’. Led by Middle School Director Jill Bergeron, who is coming to the end of her first year in charge of the placement process, parents received an overview of what to expect next year.
 A panel of alumni parents was on hand to answer questions and share reflections.
Jill knows the high school admissions directors. She has mastered the standardized testing, GPA and historical acceptance data that helps place Chandler applicants on scatter graphs for each high school to help parents and students decide where to apply, and most importantly, she knows the students. I help out, but Jill Bergeron is in charge.
Jill went through a month-by-month checklist for parents that includes a high school survey course for students starting in September, coaching for interviews, meetings with parents and students, registering for standardized tests and completing applications before the deadlines. There are many tasks to check off, and it helps to be organized. A notebook or a collection of folders, one for each school, is essential. Throughout the process Jill sends push page reminders to parents. As one of the parent panelists put it, “Chandler holds your hand and gives you a lot of help. High school is not like that at all.”
A parent of a Poly sophomore added, “You will be spoiled by Chandler. The process sounds daunting but Chandler administrators will take you through it step by step from start to finish. Don’t listen to other parents. Just concern yourself with your kid.”
The parent panel was asked what in hindsight they wished they had known before their children applied to high school and what advice they would like to pass on to current seventh grade parents:
“It’s important to collaborate on the decision about what school to attend. The kids need to take the lead. You don’t want your kids going to schools that they’re not invested in attending. Parents are obviously influential, but the kids have to make the final decisions. The application process is an opportunity for parents to learn about their kids. You do not want your children to say that decisions were made for them, and they had no choice,” said a parent of a Loyola graduate, and twins at Loyola and Mayfield Senior
“Trust the Chandler process. It works. Don’t be seduced by the brand name of a school. Visit the schools and as the year goes by you and your child will clarify what you like and don’t like,” said the parent of a Poly sophomore.
“Don’t fall in love with the brand. In the big scheme it makes no difference where you go to high school, none, just as long as you go to high school. Too many parents want their child to fit the school, but that’s the wrong way to approach it. The school needs to fit the child,” said a Flintridge Prep parent.
“Don’t stress about the Independent School Entrance Exam (the ISEE, a standardized test that high schools require). Chandler organizes a workshop that helps students prepare for the test. If you game the system and end up with an inflated score your child can be accepted into a school where they are overwhelmed,” said the parent of two Mayfield Senior graduates one a recent Tufts graduate and the other a University of Portland sophomore as well as a Saint Francis freshman.
The sixty-eight members of Chandler’s class of 2018 have found high school homes in one of twenty different high schools. The eleven schools that received more than one application are listed below. In addition to those schools, we have graduates enrolling this year at The Episcopal School of Los Angeles, Brentwood, Notre Dame in Sherman Oaks, South Pasadena High, Cal Arts High, North Hollywood Magnet School for Gifted and Talented, Alverno School for Girls, Webb and Marlborough.
When the process begins in August our goal is to make sure students and parents have choices when high schools send out their admissions decisions in March. Each Chandler student is unique. We have no predetermined destination for any of them. We are equally proud of all of them. Our mission is to make sure that no matter where they go to high school, they are well prepared.
2018 Accepted
Campbell Hall10132
Flintridge Sacred Heart203101
La Salle24040
Mayfield Senior111291510
Polytechnic School99263
Flintridge Prep65101611
St. Francis HS1215162312
Westridge School716113
The Chandler parent survey that we ask you to complete every two years provides data that helps evaluate every aspect of the school’s operation. Take the survey here.
Most sincerely,
John Finch
Head of School