Chandler Wins Debate Tournament

Chandler hosted a very successful Middle School debate tournament on November 3. Chandler won 19 tournament awards, including 1st for the overall tournament (% of wins) award and 1st out of 44 seventh-grade teams, winning all four rounds.
Led by coaches (and social studies teachers) Andy Hulm and Joe Spencer, students had a fantastic experience competing in a high-quality tournament. Full results follow.
Team Awards out of 44 teams
1st - Aidan Chao, Luke Madden, and Anastasia Volkoff 
5th - Nyla Cross, Grace Berger, and Samara Mellis 
6th - Meena Durairaj, Ethan Kim, and Rachel Towner
7th - Annabelle Hsieh, Andrew Khachatourian, and Chloe Leong
13th - Ivan Leong and Caleb Bowne
14th - Callum Rangan, Zachary Alvarez, and Andrew Smith 
All 9 Chandler teams won at least 2 out of 4 rounds. 
Speaker Awards out of 130 speakers
2nd - Anastasia Volkoff (almost won the gavel!)
3rd - Luke Madden 
6th - Samara Mellis 
7th - Ivan Leong 
8th - Chloe Leong
11th - Andrew Smith 
18th - Annabelle Hsieh 
21st - Nyla Cross 
22nd - Meena Durairaj 
23rd - Caleb Bowne 
24th - Rachel Towner 
Overall Tournament Awards 
1st - Overall % of wins 
2nd - Number of wins 
Thanks to everyone who made this day possible, and Go Chandler!