Middle School | 6-8

Trips & Exchanges

Chandler students participate in outdoor trips in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Chandler also offers an exchange trip to Hong Kong.

Boojum Trips

Each year, students complete a Boojum Institute outdoor adventure. When asked about their favorite experiences, Chandler alumni often cite Boojum trips among their very best memories.

Typically, sixth grade goes to Joshua Tree National Park. There, students hike, rock climb, learn to camp outdoors, and get to know one another better. The experience always unifies the class.

Seventh grade traditionally enjoys a five-day canoe trip along the Colorado River. The river here is wide and slow moving, providing a leisurely paddle with opportunities to beach canoes and explore the terrain.

The eighth grade class participates in a six-day backpack trip in the Sierras. The wilderness adventure provides a special way for students to start their final year at Chandler amidst beautiful mountain views, alpine lakes and starry skies.

Chandler regards Boojum Institute trips as an essential part of developing good character, self-reliance and a commitment to community.

Hong Kong Exchange

Chandler has established an exchange program with two private schools in Hong Kong. The optional program provides students with a valuable opportunity to experience a new culture.

Over spring break, students travel to Hong Kong and stay with local host families. They accompany their Hong Kong buddies to school, participate in classes, eat new foods, see cultural attractions, and experience Hong Kong family life.

Over the summer, Chandler reciprocates by hosting students from Hong Kong. Our guests live with Chandler School host families, spend a day at Chandler School, and visit local attractions such as the Jet Propulsion Lab, Natural History Museum, California Science Center, The Getty Center, and Santa Monica Pier.