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Pasadena, CA 91103

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As an independent kindergarten through eighth-grade school within the Pasadena community, we have a public purpose to model all that is best about education. We offer small classes taught by dedicated teachers whose average length of service to Chandler is 10 years.

We are a traditional school in which our students wear uniforms and work hard to meet challenging expectations, yet we are an enlightened twenty-first century school. Access to the latest information technology is available in each classroom. Arts and athletics round out a program which is academically rigorous in its orientation, but with an understanding of children and the needs of childhood. We respect and value the challenges, as well as the opportunities, that accompany adolescence.

Although we are highly selective in our admissions practices, we recognize that there is no one way to teach and one way to learn. Above all, we take good care of the young people who attend our school as we nurture their affinities and interests and equip them with the learning skills to carry them through life.

Our school is dynamic and evolving, yet we are faithful to the core principles embodied in our philosophy and mission statements which have guided us for more than sixty years. You will find Chandler a well-organized, inclusive, welcoming school, and a place in which we value character as much as we value intellect.

Most sincerely,

John Finch
Head of School
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Head of School's Message: April 15
Mr. Scibberas was my English teacher for the last two years of high school. Born in Malta, he had a high-pitched voice that is slightly characteristic of people from that Mediterranean island. He pronounced a few words in odd ways. ‘Obviously’ sounded like ‘Bobsleigh.’ Together with ‘Scibby,’ these were the nicknames we gave him, behind his back of course.
He was a demanding teacher. In a typical class we would pour over a chunk from a novel, poem or play. He would pace the room posing questions about the reading. Each question would require a written answer. We wrote paragraphs every day. If we didn’t support an argument in our pieces, he handed the work back. He had an excellent sense of humor and his kindness and fairness made him a beloved figure. No one wanted to disappoint him with shoddy work.

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