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Partnership for Success!

Founded in 1990, Partnership for Success! is a partnership between the Pasadena Unified School District and four local independent schools  (Chandler, Mayfield Junior, Polytechnic, and Westridge). Each summer, the Partnership! provides an intensive five-week enrichment program to approximately 400 public-school students who are chosen by their school principals based on their academic promise and financial need. Once students are nominated in their fourth grade year, they remain in the program for eight consecutive summers. This long-term commitment between the Partnership! and its students is essential to the program’s success. During their time in the Partnership!, students build their skills in math, science, and language arts. Virtually all graduates of the Partnership! go on to attend college, most at four-year universities. In order to provide this program at no cost to the students, funds are raised from corporations and foundations through the development departments of each of the four independent schools.

Each summer, Chandler School has the privilege of working with 60 boys entering the fifth and sixth grades. Chandler's program meets the special needs of boys this age through a hands-on, interactive program. Students build their academic skills through a core curriculum of math, lab science, language arts and technology courses. Daily physical education provides a time to build athletic, leadership and team skills. The single-gender design of this portion of the Partnership!'s program provides a unique bonding experience for these young men in a supportive and academically stimulating environment. In the fall, the boys return to their 18 neighborhood schools as stronger students and more thoughtful citizens.
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