Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Chandler

We live in a global world where diversity of ideas, cultures, and people enriches the experience of everyone and inspires transformative teaching and learning. At Chandler, we celebrate and value the uniqueness of each individual in the community. An inclusive campus supports our mission of providing an academically challenging education in a nurturing, balanced and diverse environment. 

Our faculty practice inclusivity to create a safe learning environment and strive to ensure all voices are heard and respected. Chandler recognizes the importance for all families to experience a sense of belonging, and we actively work to provide resources that enable families to participate fully as part of the diverse community.

Diversity Statement

Chandler School is committed to building and sustaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive community in which the empathy of every member guides our understanding of human differences. We affirm, honor, celebrate, and value our individual and collective likenesses and differences. 

We believe….Diversity is an essential manifestation of our core values. We are intentional in actively building a community of students, families, faculty, staff, and alumni with diverse thoughts, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. By leveraging learnings from our diverse community, we prepare our students for a changing, multicultural society.

We believe….Equity is the foundation for building a successful learning environment. We examine our biases and strive to eliminate inequities so we can be better equipped at supporting the various ways in which we learn. We are committed to developing better teaching strategies and cultivating classrooms that expose all Chandler students to a range of opportunities, resources and experiences that allow them to make choices on their path toward academic and personal success. 

We believe….Inclusiveness creates opportunities for deepened cultural understanding, heightened engagement and critical dialogue. Our curriculum is designed to support programs that foster each student’s global and cultural empathy and encourage productive thinking and respectful discourse.

In the spirit of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Chandler’s traditions evolve. We are on a continuous journey with a common mission of making a better school, community, nation, and world.


List of 3 items.

  • Diversity

    The presence, acceptance, and appreciation of varied cultures and families. Diversity of racial and ethnic identity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical and/or mental abilities, education, socioeconomic class, appearance, and thought and ways of knowing, being, and doing are understood as natural, valued, and desired states, the presence of which benefit organizations, workplaces, and society.
  • Equity

    Implies ensuring that people have what they need to participate in school life and reach their full potential. Ensures that essential educational programs, services, activities and technologies are accessible to all members of the community.
  • Inclusivity

    Creating conditions where all feel accepted, safe, empowered, supported and affirmed. Community members share responsibility for expressing core values and maintaining respect for all.