Visual Arts

In Chandler’s Lower School and Middle School visual arts programs, students build confidence in their artistic skills, knowledge, and creativity. Chandler's strong visual art program inspires and engages students to express themselves through visual arts. 

Students in grades K-8 learn to use a wide variety of media and techniques including drawing, painting, digital arts, printmaking, design, photography, mixed media, sculpture and ceramics.

Two highly experienced, full-time art faculty teach in spacious art studios with two kilns, printing presses and ample materials for every child. Chandler maintains a chapter of the National Junior Arts Honor Society.

Artistic Connections

Chandler invites professional artists to campus for discussions and workshops with students. Chandler also hosts an annual Family Gallery Visit to enjoy art in the Pasadena area.

Each spring, Chandler presents a beloved, multi-day celebration of art in ArtWorks – complete with an evening reception and a huge variety of art exhibits that display art from every Chandler student.

Middle School Art Electives

Digital Photography
2D Media
3D Media
3D Design and Printing
Multimedia Projects
Stage Set Design
Jewelry Making
Animation Appreciation