Mission and Goals

Chandler School Mission

Chandler’s mission is to provide each student with the highest quality and most academically challenging education in a nurturing, balanced and diverse environment.

We strive to have our students gain a love of learning, a means of thinking independently and an ability to work collaboratively. A Chandler education seeks to develop good character, self-reliance and a commitment to community in students as a foundation for academic and personal success.


Chandler seeks to sustain a diverse community in which the empathy of every member guides our understanding of human difference. The differences that the school seeks to embrace reflect those in our Pasadena community, our nation, and our world.

Diverse Community: We affirm Chandler's diversity as an essential manifestation of the school's core values, by continuing effective community outreach and tuition assistance for qualified students. 

Cultural Understanding: We support faculty programs that foster students' cultural empathy, and create parent programs to leverage learning implicit in a multicultural community with a common mission. 

Engaged Communities: To support our community, including prospective families, new and returning Chandler parents, alumni and the broader community, we seek fresh ways to communicate and build meaningful connections. 


To uphold the Chandler tradition of academic excellence and intellectual discipline in a program that develops the mind, body and spirit.

To promote respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship, which are the core values of our school community.

To foster an educational environment that values and communicates respect for racial, religious, cultural and economic differences.

To serve the greater community, recognizing that as much is given to us, much is expected from us.