Leading Together - Chandler's Strategic Plan

Focused on our vision for educational excellence and centered by our mission to provide each student with the highest quality and most academically challenging education in a nurturing, balanced and diverse environment, the Chandler community collaborated to envision the next five-year phase of our Strategic Plan.

Informed by rigorous research and analysis, careful listening and constructive conversations, we’ve identified our interconnected core priorities as Academic Excellence (Inspiring, Responsive & Differentiated), Belongingness (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) and Well-Being (Social, Emotional & Physical Health).
These priorities are integral and best advance our mission when we approach them as interdependent elements. We know from research and experience that these three principles - academic excellence, well-being and belongingness - do not operate effectively in isolation. When we tend to our students’ well-being and create an environment where our students feel a genuine sense of belonging, we better position our students to thrive in the classroom. When we challenge our students to take risks in a supportive environment, they develop a stronger sense of self and purpose that amplifies their well-being and further builds the connection they feel to our program and our community. Each element enhances the efforts and effects of the others, making our approach both intentional and impactful. 

To realize these core priorities, we’ve coordinated five strategic initiatives to focus and support our employees, students, program, facilities and space and community:
  • Redesign Use of Time & Space
  • Support Professional Growth
  • Expand Community Connections
  • Promote Purposeful Pedagogy
  • Communicate with Insight & Innovation
Aligning around our values of being Caring, Challenging and Committed, our core priorities and strategic initiatives work together to cultivate the critical thinking, empathy and growth mindset that empower our students, tomorrow’s changemakers.
Leading Together, we will continue to advance our mission and prepare our students to imagine the possibilities, collaborate effectively and take creative actions to bring about a more joyful, resilient, and equitable world.