The Resource Center

The Lower School and Middle School Resource Centers provide the following services in our community:

  • Support for students who demonstrate short-term needs for either enrichment or remediation.
  • Informal assessment and analysis of student learning styles, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Resources to support implementation of recommended strategies and accommodations.
  • Ongoing consultation with school administrators, faculty and parents regarding students' progress and needs.
  • Additionally, the School Psychologist provides the following services:
  • Consultation to families regarding developmental issues and concerns, family transitions and their management.
  • Consultation regarding students' social, emotional, and behavioral well-being as relates to their educational progress and performance; this may involve classroom observations of students by the psychologist.
  • Resources on a variety of developmental, social, emotional and behavioral topics.
  • Crisis intervention and counseling as needed.
  • Direct, short-term support to families regarding a wide range of issues; families are referred to professionals in the community when issues require ongoing intervention or support.