Team Sports

As a member of the Middle School Independent School League, Chandler offers teams in flag football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, tennis, swimming, golf, baseball and softball. Chandler’s tradition of healthy team competition and sportsmanship builds sound minds in strong bodies.

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    The grade six program exposes students to a variety of team sports through physical education class. Students conclude the following sports units with an interscholastic tournament.

    • Flag Football (Late October)
    • Basketball Early December (alternate years mid-February)
    • Soccer Mid-February (alternate years early December)

    • Volleyball Late October
    • Soccer Early December (alternate years mid-February)
    • Basketball Mid-February (alternate years early December)

    Grade 6 students may also try out for the competitive league teams in the following co-ed sports:
    • Track (early March)
    • Swimming (Spring)
    • Golf (Spring)

    If there are not enough students in grades 7/8 to field a competitive league team, grade 6 students may try-out for the grades 7/8 team.

    The grades seven and eight competitive team sports program teaches students the basic fundamentals of the sport, strategies, teamwork and sportsmanship.

    A try-out is held for each sport. Students are placed on teams based on the following criteria:
    • Commitment to the Chandler team
    • Attitude and behavior toward coaches and peers
    • Ability to work on a team to reach a common team goal and accepting coaches’ decisions
    • Skill level

    Due to the number of students who try out for the teams and the limited play time created by large team membership, not all students may make the A or B teams; therefore, Chandler has an intramural program in some sports to allow students the opportunity to participate in competitive sports and build skills through game time.