The Chao Family

A beloved memory for David and Connie Chao was watching their kindergarten twins clutch the reassuring hands of their older Middle School buddies. 
That moment came full circle earlier this year, when Connie saw her son, Aidan, gently leading his kindergarten buddy by the hand.

“It almost brought me to tears,” Connie says, “I still remember their very first day at Chandler.”
The Chao family did their homework before enrolling their twin sons, Aidan and Aaron ’20 at Chandler. “Ultimately, it was Mr. Finch who made the difference. We liked how he knew everyone – the parents, students, and even their siblings. He’s passionate about his job and does it well,” said David.
When Mr. Finch asked David to assist with the school’s capital campaign efforts, “It was our Kindergarten year and, I was honored to help,” said David. “That led to my joining the Board a year later, as well as the Golf Classic founding committee. As a board member I’m proud that the changes and growth in programs have been well-planned and for the best intentions of the students.”
“We like how involved this community is,” Connie adds. “The parents are very engaged, and it feels like a family. The CFA does a wonderful job providing opportunities for involvement, and teachers here pay attention to the well-being of the whole child.”
“Teachers at Chandler know our kids and what will be best for them, both academically and personally,” Connie explains. “For us, with two different boys, Chandler was able to provide the best individual experience for each child, with differentiated pathways that built their strengths and supported their interests.”
“We think of the Lower School as the perfect foundation and the Middle School as the perfect summit before transitioning to high school,” says David. “Every day, our boys come home and talk about how much they are learning in science, history…their teachers make the subject matter interesting. The individualized curriculum, engaging teachers and opportunity for leadership and character building are the strengths of our Middle School that shouldn’t be missed.”
“The boys have learned to be leaders,” notes David. “They have learned from Mr. Finch to greet people by name and to shake hands. They take care of their little buddies and their friends.” Connie adds, “Events like Big Service Day are great for service and community. Participating in these events enriches the lives of our kids and models respect, sympathy and caring.”
The Chao family takes a long-term view to supporting Chandler. “We’re planting the seeds for the future, and it’s our duty to give now,” David says. “We put Chandler first because it’s making a direct impact for our children and for later generations.”
“We try to always support everything at Chandler – the Annual Fund, campaigns, and the CFA,” Connie explains. “We love to do more than give money. I try to do everything I’m asked – room rep, hot lunch volunteer, Shamrock Shoppe, Party Book, Chinese New Year. I look forward to it all.”
David and Connie agree, “These experiences for Aidan and Aaron are priceless. Chandler is like an extension of our family. Chandler School is the best investment we can imagine.”