Catherine Pearson ’09

Catherine Pearson ‘09 reflects on the strong impact that Chandler’s Middle School had on her life. Throughout her time at Chandler, she enjoyed playing soccer, connecting with her classmates during the Boojum trips, and learning how to compost from Ms. Bergeron and garden from Mrs. Owen. Although her tenure as a Chandler student was brief, the three years in Middle School left an indelible impact on her, for which she remains deeply grateful.

Subsequently, she attended Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy for two years before relocating to Nashville with her family, where she completed her high school education. She then pursued a degree in Psychology and, in 2015, returned to the Chandler campus as a faculty member, currently serving as a Kindergarten Assistant Teacher. In addition to her teaching role, she has the privilege of being a Boojum chaperone, soccer coach and photographer for the School.