Campus Improvements Draw Rave Reviews

Campus improvement projects received rave reviews. Donations from Chandler's Annual Fund and others funded the enhancements.
“Through hard work and generosity, Chandler’s facilities are in tip-top shape, and ready to support our faculty and students in the 2016-17 school year,” said Head of School John Finch.

In the kindergarten area, staff replaced fencing and handrails, and replaced the material underneath the playground structure. The new, poured-in-place playground surface was chosen because it is clean, smooth, safe and reduces trip hazards.

Near the sport court, two new storage sheds now hold supplies for the maker program, including circuitry, plywood, power tools, stacks of cardboard, and other large-format supplies. Such bulky items don’t fit in classrooms. Thanks to a donation from Chandler Family Associates, teachers can now bring that equipment into their classrooms as needed for student projects.

In another project funded by Chandler Family Associates, the Pranyoto Patio received a stylish and functional sun shade. Located outside the Middle School art room, the sun shade transforms Pranyoto Patio into a usable outdoor teaching and learning space for the art department.

MacQuoid Field received a sod re-fresh over the summer, and the grass is establishing itself well to hold up under hundreds of little feet.

The Lower School science department received a set of new microscopes, which will be used to teach students about many things that can’t be seen by the human eye alone.

And, to honor special gifts to Chandler made by parents, alumni, faculty and past parents, personalized paver bricks have been installed and inscribed in the Rothenberg Courtyard.