Chandler School Wins League Debate Championship

The Chandler School Debate Team celebrated their victory after winning the League Debate Championship, which they also hosted.
The team, composed of highly skilled and passionate debaters from the Middle School, managed to emerge victorious after a grueling and intense competition against other formidable teams. In total, there were six schools, 31 teams and 92 speakers

Despite the intense competition, Chandler Debate demonstrated their excellent debating skills, deep knowledge of the topics, and remarkable ability to think on their feet. They effectively presented their arguments, countered their opponents' points, and defended their positions with logical and well-thought-out reasoning.

Here are the results of the nail-biting event this Saturday:
Team Awards (out of 31)
1st – Adrishya Kumar, Anais Escudero, and Larry Lu
2nd – Joshua Chien, Tyler Tasanont, and Jacob Waxman
8th – Gabriel Shaw, Kenny Wang, and Lucy Tsai 
Final Round 
Since two teams from the same school can't compete in the final round, the team of Adrishya, Anais, and Larry competed against the third-place team, High Point, in the final round. Chandler won! The Chandler team of Joshua, Tyler and Jacob remained in second place. 
Speaker Awards (out of 92)
1st – Adrishya Kumar won the gavel! 
2nd – Larry Lu
5th – Anais Escudero
15th – Elaine Liu 
17th - Jacob Waxman 
School Awards
Chandler placed third for the overall number of wins
Tournament Award for % of Wins (The Main Award)
Chandler tied for 1st place with Sequoyah

The win was a moment of great pride and joy for Chandler School, which not only hosted the championship for the first time but also emerged as the champions! The team's hard work, dedication, and commitment have paid off, and they have succeeded in bringing glory to their school. Debate coaches Andy Hulm and Heather Castle would like to thank all students and parents who helped with hosting the event and we look forward to debate next year.