Mariachi Trébol Debuts at Friday's Assembly

We are thrilled to announce that Chandler School recently debuted its first-ever mariachi - Mariachi Trébol!

Mariachi music holds a special place in Mexican culture, symbolizing tradition, celebration, and unity. It is characterized by lively rhythms, soulful melodies, and the iconic sound of vihuela, violins, guitars, and guitarróns.
Founded earlier this year, mariachi provides a unique opportunity for our K-8 students to learn about this cherished art form, delve into its cultural significance, and showcase their newfound skills on stage. The weeks leading up to the performance were filled with numerous rehearsals to which our students dedicated their time and effort. 

Under the guidance of Mariachi Director Carmen Villanueva, they learned to play various instruments, harmonize their voices, and synchronize their performances just in time for Cinco de Mayo. It was inspiring to witness their growth, discipline, and the sheer joy they experienced while immersing themselves in this vibrant music.

By embracing mariachi music, our students developed a deeper appreciation for diversity and the beauty that lies within different cultures. They learned to express themselves through music, fostering creativity and self-confidence. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Mariachi director, Spanish teachers Katie Villanueva and Jennifer Cardenasthe music department, and especially to Head of School John Finch, for his unwavering support and guidance throughout this journey. 

Reflecting on Friday’s fun performance, we recognize the immense value of incorporating diverse cultural experiences into our programming. We are incredibly proud of our students’ achievements and look forward to more opportunities to celebrate their talents and embrace the rich cultural tapestry surrounding us. If you missed it, Mariachi Trébol will play at Chandler’s Family Fair this Saturday, May 13.