Student-Centered Campus Redesign - Strategic Plan Update

Aligned with one of the major initiatives outlined in Leading Together, Chandler's Strategic Plan, last year, the School recognized immediate opportunities to redesign the use of time and space while simultaneously strengthening our program and advancing Chandler’s mission to better serve the students in our care.

After a thoughtful review of the current use of spaces and in preparation for Chandler’s upcoming Master Plan process, the School approved the Student-Centered Campus Redesign. This multi-year, phased campus project includes the reorganization of classroom spaces, the relocation of administrative offices and the redesign of existing facilities to advance priorities that directly impact our students’ educational experience.
We are happy to announce that over the summer, the School completed Phase I of the Student-Centered Campus Redesign. 
  • Redesigned and renovated office space to create a new 1st Grade classroom
  • Repurposed existing spaces to create temporary classrooms for Kindergarten and 3rd Grade classrooms for the 2023-2024 School Year
  • Created the K-8 Community Library
  • Repurposed existing office spaces to create the Collaboration Center in the Lower School 
  • Offsited hybrid employees and created flex workspaces on campus
Creatively and effectively repurposing existing spaces has made a significant impact in just a short amount of time. With these enhancements, we have:
  • Decreased class sizes in Kindergarten (15 students in each class) and 1st Grade (no more than 17 students in each class), resulting in more individualized attention, increased opportunities for participation, more frequent feedback and family communication and higher levels of academic achievement and engagement.  
  • Established another community space for all learners in the heart of campus, consolidated two library collections under one roof and increased access and time in the Library with consistent supervision in the space.
  • Provided a space for the Lower School Director, Curriculum Directors, School Counselor and Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to work collaboratively to advance ongoing curricular growth, professional development, student success and to support a holistic approach to the interconnected elements prioritized in the Strategic Plan: Academic Excellence, Well-Being and Belongingness.
The school will continue to implement Phase II of the Student-Centered Campus Redesign this year. The current 3rd grade classroom will be renovated to make space for the Main Office. Moving the Main Office and Head of School Office will make room to create the permanent Kindergarten classroom aligning all three Kindergarten classrooms in proximity to each other and making space for a third classroom for 2nd Grade. 
Thank you for your continued trust in the school. As we move forward with the Student-Centered Campus Redesign project, we remain grateful for your partnership and eager to share with you this exciting chapter in Chandler’s history.