Celebrating Art and Awareness: Carolyn Castaño's Inspiring Visit to Chandler School

On December 1, Chandler School had the honor of hosting a remarkable guest, Carolyn Castaño.
While the chilly winter winds blew through Pasadena, it was a warm and insightful gathering as Carolyn, from Pasadena, shared her artistic journey with our students and faculty.

Carolyn Castaño is no ordinary artist; she's a Columbian-American, multiple award-winning visual artist whose work has resonated with audiences both nationally and internationally. Her talent and dedication to her craft have resulted in numerous solo exhibitions in major museums, making her a true luminary in the art world.

Currently, Carolyn is making waves with her solo exhibition at the Craft Contemporary Museum in Los Angeles. This exhibition showcases her captivating paintings and sculptures, which delve into the profound and urgent issue of global warming and its impact on the people of Colombia. As the glaciers disappear at an alarming rate, Carolyn's artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the environmental challenges faced by communities around the world.

During her visit to Chandler School, Carolyn shared her artistic process and the inspiration behind her thought-provoking creations. Her passion for art and her commitment to raising awareness about pressing global issues were evident in every word she spoke and every brushstroke she demonstrated. One cannot help but be inspired by Carolyn's dedication to her craft and her mission to use art as a tool for positive change. Her work not only captivates the eye but also touches the heart and soul, reminding us of the power of art to convey powerful messages and spark meaningful conversations.

As we reflect on Carolyn Castaño's visit to Chandler School, we are reminded of the importance of fostering creativity and encouraging our students to explore the world through different lenses. Thank you to Visual Arts Department Chair Julie Zemel for coordinating Carolyn's visit. Carolyn’s story is a testament to the idea that art has the potential to bridge gaps, bring awareness to critical issues and inspire change.