The Spirit of Community Day

On December 15, just before the holiday break, Chandler middle schoolers came together for a remarkable day of community spirit and service.
This special occasion, aptly named the Spirit of Community Day, was a testament to the school's commitment to fostering a sense of unity and compassion among its students.

The day kicked off with a heartwarming advisory breakfast, where students and teachers gathered to celebrate the completion of midterms with an orange juice toast. The Spirit of Community Day was a collective joyful event for students divided into grade-level groups. Groups rotated through three stations designed to spread joy and kindness during the holiday season.

One of these stations was orchestrated by the student council, who organized a series of delightful "reindeer games." These games ranged from hilarious ugly sweater relay races to a festive holiday tune-guessing game. Laughter filled the air as students competed in these spirited challenges, creating memories.

Another station was dedicated to acts of genuine kindness and thoughtfulness. Students gathered to write heartfelt cards for seniors residing in local assisted living homes. Additionally, they took time to decorate rocks that would find a new home on Chandler's campus, serving as colorful reminders of their shared experiences and commitment to building a vibrant community.

The third station was all about giving back to those in need. Students enthusiastically participated in stuffing stockings and assembling snack packs for the Ronald McDonald House. This act of charity brought comfort and joy to over 60 patients and their families during the holiday season. The students also embraced the spirit of giving by wrapping presents for the Adopt-a-Family program and crafting cut-out snowflakes to adorn the home of a former Chandler family who had recently suffered the loss of their mother. These heartfelt gestures resonated deeply with the true meaning of the holiday season.

This incredible day of service was a reflection of the enduring values and principles that Thomas and Catherine Chandler had instilled as the foundation of Chandler School. Their legacy of community engagement and service was alive and thriving in the hearts of the Middle School students. A heartfelt thank you is extended to all the families who generously purchased gifts for the Adopt-a-Family program. Their contributions truly made a difference during this holiday season, demonstrating the remarkable spirit of giving that defines the Chandler School community. A special thanks to the middle school faculty who led these activities; their commitment is a shining example of coming together as a community to spread joy while making a difference.