Class of 2023 Takes a Hike!

In the spring of last year, then sixth-grader Cole '23 wanted to do something to help his classmates connect in a safe environment. He founded the Class of 2023 Hiking Club.
Cole said he "started the hiking club to give students a chance to get outdoors during the pandemic. We were at the end of the school year and people were working hard to finish the year strong, but we did not have many social opportunities. I also wanted to start a club that was not a school sport but still let kids participate in physical activity." 
The group did one hike last spring, and yesterday, the hiking club took on the steep 3-mile Mt. Wilson hike to First Water in Sierra Madre. Eighteen seventh-graders with some parents laughed and talked their way up to First Water. Cole says his purpose for the club is for "my classmates to be able to forget about school and take some time to be outdoors. I hope they can make connections with each other while outside. I like feeling accomplished when I finish a difficult hike, and I hope my classmates feel the same." The hiking club plans to do one hike every couple of months and is open to anyone interested in the Class of 2023.