Students Make 800 Tamales

This year, Chandler students in grades K-5 made 800 tamales by hand, with a bit of parent help, to aid an orphanage near Ensenada, Mexico.
Tamales are a very important holiday tradition in many Latin American countries (though they vary from region to region) and the annual tamale-making experience is a beloved Chandler tradition. Students get a small culinary lesson and practice many Spanish words as they make tamales together.
All proceeds from the tamales sales go directly to the Estado 29 orphanage near Ensenada, Mexico. For many years, the funds Chandler has raised have gone towards buying food, school supplies and propane supplies.  At Estado 29, they are concerned with the basic need of having enough food and other basic supplies to get them through each month. 

Thank you to Sra. Villanueva and our many parent volunteers who helped students assemble tamales and also took them home to steam them! And thanks to all the families who purchased tamales for our fundraiser. We hope you enjoyed your tamales. 

See the photo gallery here.